There’s good news from NETWORK!

Since 1986, our order entry solutions for distributors have utilized a multi-tasking operating system known as SuperDos.  It has served us and our customers well, but it has been difficult to replace the systems which evolved over the years with an equivalent system capable of operating within the Microsoft® environment.

We are pleased to announce the release of Order Desk II, the next generation of order entry receiver systems, designed specifically to operate on the Microsoft Windows® platform.  Now our customers can support all existing dial-up interfaces in this new environment; taking full advantage of the functionality of Windows® while still providing the non-stop reliability our products have become known for over twenty-six years.

Benefits of the new system include:

● Graphic user interface with “Heads Up” system status screen.

● More efficient utilization of processing power.

● Easier implementation of inter-system links.

● Virtually unlimited future expansion (much lower cost, as well)

● FTP server built-in

Introductory discounts make Order Desk II an attractive opportunity and an excellent step into new communications opportunities for the future of the distribution industry.