Portable Terminal Receiver:

You've been trying for years to get those "mom and pop" stores to dump their acoustic hand-held terminals (MSI, Symbol, Telxon) and move to a PC, or even use the web.  They're not budging.  Now you're down to your last functioning 202 modem and it doesn't look like there's anyone still in that business.

Initially developed in 1981, NETWORK’s Portable Terminal Receiver software provides a legacy interface for older hand-held units such as Telxon, Symbol, MSI. 

A voice greeting clearly informs the customer that they’ve reached your order entry system.  Upon verification of valid data and a clean transmission, your customers will be provided with an order confirmation number for tracing purposes.

Voice Response Unit

co-requisite:  NETWORK’s Voice Response Unit

(1 unit per phone line)


Order Rejection Message

Sign-off with confirmation number