P. T. Pinckney image    P. T. Pinckney – President, CEO, Founder

It was while attending a United States Navy computer seminar on mainframes in 1964 that Pete Pinckney found his “calling” and decided to make the computer business a career.

After graduating from Memphis State University with a BBA degree, Pete served four years as a U.S. Navy Supply Corps officer.  He began his business career with the Burroughs Corporation in 1966 as a sales trainee, and progressed to National Accounts manager in mainframe sales, selling to banks, TV networks, hospitals, and a new start-up company known as Federal Express.

Pete joined MSI Data Corp. in 1972 in sales.  His first assignment was marketing shoulder-carried terminals to drug and grocery wholesalers and chains for order entry.  While there, he advanced to district sales manager for the central part of the U.S., including parts of ten states.

Desk-top systems were just getting started when Pete joined Datapoint Corporation as Branch Manager in Memphis in 1979.  He was able to combine the needs of wholesalers with the capabilities of Datapoint equipment and eventually, with his wife, Thelma, founded NETWORK to respond to this need in 1981.

Over forty years experience and a varied background in computer systems, business operations and communications system development finds Pete always on the cutting edge in creating unique business and computer applications for the distribution industry.

Pete and Thelma have been married for forty-five years.  They have one son, Pete, Jr., who is NETWORK’s vice-president of operations.

Pete has been active in community affairs, serving as mayor of Piperton, TN, chairman of the Fayette County planning commission, president of his Rotary Club and a Paul Harris Fellow, as well as a member of the Vestry and Senior Warden of his Church.