Founded in 1981, Network Systems, Inc. has provided data communications software and hardware for companies in the distribution industry for over twenty-five years. 

Customers have ranged from small, local distributors to Fortune 100 giants.  Industries served include Grocery, Drug, Hardware, Medical/Surgical, Automotive, and Transportation.

Located in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee, the company has successfully supported installations for our customers in all of the United States and many foreign countries.

Industries and Customers served:  1981-2007

P. T. Pinckney  P. T. Pinckney - President, CEO, Founder     Pete Pinckney Jr.  Pete Pinckney, Jr. - VP / Operations

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Mid-South Business -- May, 1982

The Collierville Herald -- May, 2002

The Collierville Herald -- June, 2006

Announcement -- July 23, 2007

The Dome -- "What do they DO in there?"

Office Cat:  1990-2006